Why We Give

Changing the Lives of Students with a Gift
For longtime University benefactor Peter J. Byrne '48, helping bright and deserving students attend SJU was always a priority. During his lifetime, Byrne established several charitable gift annuities that now endow the Peter J. Byrne '48 Scholarship Fund — providing many students with substantial financial support each year.
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A Strong Connection Lasting Beyond a Lifetime
Throughout their 56-year marriage — and while raising their four children in Fairfield, Connecticut — David P. Lyons Jr. '48 and his wife, Sarah, never lost touch with Saint Joseph’s University.
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Dedication Pays Off for Agnes M. Rash, Ph.D.
When Agnes M. Rash, Ph.D., began teaching in the early 1960s, women weren’t encouraged to pursue mathematics. According to Agnes, the prevailing attitude toward women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields was that it was not a viable career path for someone who was just going to get married, raise children and “never use her education and talents.”
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Bequest Gift Helps Expand Students’ Minds
Joseph W. Klein ’67 was one of those rare people who seamlessly combined his passions, allowing him to do what he loved every day. At his core, Joe was a performer, whether in front of a classroom full of students or on a stage in a sold-out theater.
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Bob ’64 and Nancy Maydole Support Cura Personalis through Philanthropy
Bob Maydole ’64 grew up in Wissahickon, a section of Philadelphia that straddles the urban and suburban. He played football and baseball at Roxborough High School. He witnessed the gritty textile industry along the banks of the Schuylkill River that earned Manayunk the nickname "the Manchester of America."
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Q&A with Ignatian Circle Inaugural Chairs Anthony ’60 and Evelyn Carfagno
As the Ignatian Circle reached 200 members, Saint Joseph’s University felt it was important to select a group chair to imprint a vision for what this legacy society strives to be. The Carfagnos were an obvious choice. The couple graciously agreed to sit down with the Saint Joseph’s University Alumni Association to answer a few questions.
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Emeritus Professor Creates a Lasting Legacy: Beloved Faculty Member Gives to Fellowship Named for Him
"Having reached this stage of our lives where major financial obligations are behind us, the decision to fund a charitable gift annuity from our modest savings to benefit the Burton Fellowship was relatively easy."
Read Gerri and David Burton’s story.

James C. Dever Jr. '54
"Funding scholarships is the best way to ensure that deserving students will always have the necessary resources to further their education."
Read Jim Dever’s full testimonial.

Joel M. '56 and Tookie Ziff
"I recently became aware of a change in the IRS code that allows withdrawals from the IRA to be tax exempt to the extent that they are contributed to a charitable corporation. This is a ‘no-brainer’ if you qualify."
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SJU Charitable Gift Annuity Program
"Investing in SJU through charitable gift annuities has been a win-win opportunity for me."
Read Peter and Mary Elizabeth Byrne’s story.

Bernadette Miron, B.S. ’63, M.S. and David Miron, B.S. ’62, Ed.D.
"We are proud members of the Ignatian Circle because Saint Joseph’s University has given us so much."
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Dan ’53 and Rosalie Begley
"I do not pretend to be an investment advisor, but when I compare the return my SJU two-life annuity provides to today’s miniscule interest rates, I know I made a wise decision several years ago. I wish I had made it much earlier."
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Tumolo ’84 Impacts Future Hawks Through Ignatian Circle
A commitment to service was instilled in Joe Tumolo ’84 during his days as an undergraduate on Hawk Hill, now, as a member of SJU’s Ignatian Circle, he’s giving back and impacting the next generation of SJU students.
Joe Tumolo and Lorraine Tumolo’s story.